We caught up with KR recently, artist and owner/founder KRINK, while he was doing a couple of pieces for a Sandro opening in Brooklyn. Here are a few of his thoughts on opportunity and writing in the snow. Photos by Johnny Knapp 


“Blizzards are really beautiful. Some people might go to a party or something and then go home, or maybe get caught out there and their time with the blizzard is maybe only twenty minutes, ‘Oh we were in the blizzard and had to take the bus home,’ or ‘the train wasn’t running, couldn’t get a cab and had to walk.’ But if you’re writing you’re out there for a good while. For writers, blizzards are opportunities because everything is quiet, people aren’t out and the cop can’t come screeching after you because there is a foot of snow on the ground. So you have to gear up and try to hit spots that you wouldn’t normally have access to and that can be a lot of different things depends on what you have your eye on.

And for me it was also just a a really pretty time to be out in the city, here the skies turn orange from the street light and it’ll just be really fucking snowing and you gotta have your gear right. I really enjoy that, you gotta trudge through stuff but if you have the right gear you’re good. Where you’re comfortable in a situation and you can take it in. And you have these views, you know, that you don’t get at any other time.

Like blizzards, blackouts and holidays are all huge for the opportunity. It doesn’t come often but definitely people will gear up and get ready to go. If you don’t have anywhere to go on Christmas or Thanksgiving, maybe because you’re from somewhere else or whatever reason, that’s primo time to do a whole car down the train, do the Merry Christmas production on some booming spot because you’ll basically be left alone. It’s definitely one of those times. Normally you go with someone, sometimes you wouldn’t. It’s fun.”