The purpose of Full Moon Surf is to find empty waves and surf them with friends. To do this best, we sail. 

We also believe it’s important for women to learn to navigate unfamiliar waters, explore new territory and be able to surf by themselves. 

The name comes from years of living and traveling in Indonesia, where the full moon always means waves, usually big and good. No one knows why and science has no explanation. 

When we’re not surfing classic spots and uncharted territory, we watch the wind and sail, eat well, swim, snorkel, free-dive, play good music, argue about phosphorescence, do a little yoga, and experiment with every other thing that's good about life. 

Non-surfers are welcome and encouraged, all we’re doing is playing in the ocean, and sail exploration is heaven enough. 

Full Moon Surf donates a portion of the proceeds from each trip to a community organization working in the area we operate, to be of service in the most complete way possible. Full Moon Surf is female owned and operated.