My writing has appeared in The Surfer's Journal, British Vogue, Vice, Primitive Skills, Saturdays Magazine, WAX, Modna, Surfing Life, Desillusion, Surfing World and others. I've contributed online writing and photos to Purple Fashion Magazine and others. Zines with my writing and photos are carried by Dashwood Books. I've been featured in Indoek. I worked previously as the editor of numerous print magazines in Bali, Indonesia.

I did the key partnership and branding vision for Queen of the Bay, the first ever Women's Waimea Bay event.

I run sailing trips to remote nooks of the world looking for surf; exploration with women in mind. The project is called Full Moon Surf Sails.

Originally from Maine, I've worked as an outdoor guide and on commercial fishing boats. 

Most currently I co-founded an eco-tech start-up in Asia solving the problem of single-use waste. Contact for more information. Digital presence coming soon., @_mariahernst

 Photographing Shirley Rogers in Waikiki by Gillian Garcia (

Photographing Shirley Rogers in Waikiki by Gillian Garcia (